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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne

My Harry Potter reviews will come later, but I figured I would review Cursed Child while it was still mildly pertinent.  (Warning, SPOILERS ABOUND)

I wanted to like Cursed Child.  I really did.  Being aware and reminding myself that it is a play and is meant for a different medium didn’t help.  I really, really tried to like it.  But, there were too many things, story wise, that didn’t sit right with me.

Let’s start with Albus Severus Potter.  First, let’s all acknowledge that his name should be Remus Rubeus or Arthur Rubeus.  Second, I have no problem with Albus being a Slytherin.  However, I do have a problem that we never really see why Albus is a Slytherin.  Hermione, Ron, and Harry prove time and time again that they are Gryffindors.  Luna is creative and strange, proving herself a Ravenclaw.  Cedric is kind, just, and a good finder proving himself a Hufflepuff.  People’s sorting makes sense, if not at first, then later on in the book and series (i.e., Neville Longbottom).  We don’t get that with Al, or Scorpius either.  Cunning and ambition are what Slytherin valued.  We know that pure-blooded status no longer matters, so far as sorting goes, and Slytherin is not the house of evil and meanness.  But, we never see Albus or Scorpius act with ambition, nor do we see either show much cunning of any kind.  We see both consistently act in friendship, which are often considered Gryffindor and Hufflepuff traits.  I know that friendship is not only a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff trait, but it is usually attributed to them most.

My next issue came with the whole ‘Scorpius-is-Voldemort’s-kid’ crap.  That was such a dumb move, and I couldn’t stand it.  I also hated that Rose Weasley abandoned her cousin because he became friends with Scorpius on the train.  Look, if Harry said it doesn’t matter that Albus be sorted in Slythernin, then IT SHOULDN’T MATTER THAT ALBUS IS IN SLYTHERIN OR THAT HE BECOMES FRIENDS WITH SLYTHERINS.  And those sentiments should have been ingrained in Rose Weasley as well.

Also, I couldn’t stand Harry’s relationship with Albus.  I understand that they were trying to show that Harry’s not a perfect Dad, but really?  We had SEVEN BOOKS to prove that.  Why can’t Harry just be happy?  I really prefer the headcanons that Harry is the most supportive and loving Dad that could ever Dad.  Can we go back and change that?  Harry can be a loving and supportive parent without being perfect.  He can give his kids candy and sweets that he didn’t get growing up and still  be flawed.  But, you can’t tell me that Harry Potter, the boy under the stairs, would miss so badly, or that Ginny would let him.

Next on the list, the ladies.   I love Ginny Weasley, and I hate what they’ve done to her.  In my mind, she is very much like Lily Evans, and Lily Evans would not just sit by while her husband screwed up her child.  Heck, Molly Weasley wouldn’t sit by while her husband screwed up her child.  They’d smack him upside the head and set him straight.

I could go on and on.  How things went down in the alternate universes (Hermione is Snape?  Snape smiles?), DELPHI IS VOLDEMORT AND BELLATRIX’S DAUGHTER, Scorpius not being more broody, etc., etc., etc.  But, I’ll leave that for others who have/will write their own reviews.

I would watch Cursed Child, cause I hope that watching it would be better than reading it.  It read like a bad fanfic from someone who doesn’t know how to write exposition and writes in script.

5/10 out of hope that watching it is better than this.

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