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Redwall by Brian Jacques

This was one of my first favorite books, to be honest.  There used to be a TV show/movie that played on PBS Saturday mornings, and I loved it.  Then, years later, my best friend told me I had to read these books.  She explained some of the story, and it sounded super familiar.  Eventually, I realized where I knew it from.  It is also one of the few books I physically abused.  I slept with this book.  I abused it so much that pages were falling out.  So, I have two copies; one loved copy, and one new copy.

I don’t usually like ‘animal’ books, but Redwall is more than an exception.  It is about a young orphaned mouse, Matthias, who is raised by the monks in an abbey called Redwall.  It is a safe haven for all of the forest creatures.   But, an evil rat, Cluny the Scourge, is coming to destroy the abbey.  Matthias, along with Brother Methuselah, start to look for the sword of Martin the Warrior, a warrior mouse who helped found the abbey.  This takes him away from the abbey while Cluny moves to attack Redwall.  The creatures of Redwall fight Cluny and his minions.  Do they win?  Read it to find out!

10/10, would read again!  (and beat up another copy)

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