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Journal 3 by Alex Hirsch and Co.

Ok, I’m kinda a huge Gravity Falls fan.  My brother kept pestering me to watch the show because “Dipper and Mabel ARE. US.”  I finally broke down last semester, and watched it towards the end of this summer.  I. Am. Hooked.  I’m getting my roommate into the show now.  So, when I saw that they had a replica of Journal 3, I lost it.  My brother got it and sent it with my Mom a week or so ago.

I love Journal 3.  Any way to get more Gravity Falls in my life is good by me.  It is mostly made up of accurate replicas of pages shown on the show, but there are extra pages that give us some more information from certain episodes.  One piece that was especially interesting to me was a page concerning Bipper(non-ship).  Fandoms in general seem to have a thing for problematic relationships, and Bipper(ship) is no different.  People are shipping a 12-13 year old boy with an inter-demensional shape demon who has affected his life for the worst, to put it mildly.  In the book, there is a page where Bill, while he was possessing Dipper, writes in the Journal.  He says that, when he is done with Dipper’s body, he is going to throw his body off a building and make it look like Dipper went crazy and committed suicide.  Why would anyone ship a 12 year old with an ageless demon who wants to make the boy’s murder look like a suicide?!  It doesn’t make any sense to me. (However, the art is really great.).

All in all, 10/10, would read again! (And use for a genderbent Dipper cosplay)

If you are a Gravity Falls fan, you will love this book!  If not, go watch the show, then get the book!  And be sure to tell me what you think in the comments!  Do you agree with my rating?  Are you a Gravity Falls fan?  I’d love to hear from you!  Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll see when I post new reviews.  Until next time, keep reading and be kind out there, y’all!

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