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The Inferno by Dante

OK, I love The Inferno.  The poetic justice of each circle of Hell I find interesting and entertaining.  I don’t believe that’s what Hell is like, but it is interesting, none the less.  I also think it’s kinda funny that Dante used people he knew and put them in Hell.  That takes guts.  Most people wouldn’t appreciate being written into Hell, you know.  I also really like Dante’s interpretation of Satan as a three headed beast and that the greatest sin is treachery/back-stabbing.  So, in Dante’s Hell, the ‘un-holy trinity’ is made up of Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius.

The book is fairly short and definitely worth the read!

Rating: 10/10, would read again!

(I may update this review if/when I re-read it.  It’s been awhile.)

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