The Odyssey by Homer

24 Aug

I have read this book twice, now.  I read at about 12 and re-read it for a college class last year.  I find it to be the more interesting of Homer’s epics.  The Odyssey is an engaging story that is easily digested and understood.  I enjoy reading about Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ adventures.

What is also interesting is Penelope and her relationship with Odysseus.  Penelope is Odysseus’ wife, who believes herself a widow.  Instead of remarrying, she tricks her suitors.  She doesn’t feel that she can toss them out of her house, so she keeps them from pressing her for her hand by telling them she will marry someone when she finishes her tapestry.  However, she keeps unraveling the tapestry at night.  She is clever and cunning, a perfect match for Odysseus, the most clever of all the Greek kings.

Penelope and Odysseus also stand out because of their relationship.  They actually seem to like each other.  Odysseus does get with another woman or two, which we find reprehensible, but we can’t judge a culture thousands of years behind us by our standards.  And, besides those two indiscretions, he cried for his wife and wanted to be with her.  And, by all accounts, she wanted to be with him, too.  Most of the Greek heroes and kings in Grecian epics do not feel the same way about their wives.

All and all, 10/10, would read again.


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