The Iliad by Homer

24 Aug

I have a love-hate-indifferent relationship with the Iliad.  See, I tried to read it after I read the Odyssey, but I got half way through, then put it down.  Then I had to read it for a college class last year, and honestly, I didn’t read it all.  I like the story itself enough, but the story accounts for probably less than a quarter of the book.  The rest is pretty much this guy, son of that guy, threw his flaming spear at that other guy, son of not that guy, the other other guy, etc.  There are some nuances, of course, but it could be a lot simpler and shorter than it is.

If you’re going to read it, find a friend or a class so you have someone to talk/complain to.

6/10.  Good, but don’t love it.

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